This is a project that I did a while back that I never really documented for some reason… Well here it is! the modified Epson PCB printer!

So I went to my local Futureshop (Canada FTW!) and picked up the only clearance Epson they had… No need to buy the extended warranty here!

Brand new:

After taking off all “Unnecessary” parts:

I removed the paper feed and paper out trays, you can see the scanner bed on the top left, and the power supply left. The paper detector is also seen poking out of the left side of the image. Next is when you remove the head mechanism and raise it:

All I did was use some slightly longer #4 machine screws and pop in a few washers… Did this to both sides where the head rail attaches to the chassis.


I forgot to add a CRUCIAL part to this build. The printer Head rest mechanism must also be raised by the height of the washers…

This is the infamous mechanism here:

As you might be able to see, there is a little metal pin sticking out just under that little arm. That was added by me, as after I added height to the tray, I also had to lower that pin so that it would continue to interact with the Jam detection mechanism…

To raise it, I dremmelled off the existing pins and drilled holes just beneath the previously existing pins. I then inserted drill bits (as they happened to be the right diameter) and hot-glued them in place. I had a bit of an issue with friction, but after a little WD40, it was as smooth as butter.


I then proceeded to add the aluminum railings for the feeder tray:

I also had to add the paper detection mechanism right after the feeder rail.

This: ended up going just after the feed tray on the left.

I also removed most of the feed rollers so that it won’t touch the board and mess with the new printing. Now it only has the most outmost feed rollers.

I was also able to replace the casing once I added a few washers for spacing…

Yes, I kept the protective plastic on…

For operation!

To actually run this, I found that a steel tray was too heavy to be reliable, and cardboard, while light enough, was not reusable enough, and tended to warp under the heat needed to pre and post heat the board. An aluminum sheet was found to work the best!

I also use yellow MISPRO ink in a black cartridge as I found it to resist the etchant the best. It can be found Here. Don’t forget to buy the empty black cartridge!

If you take a look at the bottom left of the tray, you will see a slit in the tray. this is to provide the delay needed for the paper sensor to read “Paper”. I will place the empty tray in the printer, heat it up with a heat gun, run off the pattern, and that will tell me exactly where I need to place the board. I place the copper clad board onto the feed tray, and place small board bits and tape them around the board I am printing on to keep it in place. Once I am done, I etch the board, and wipe up any and all ink up with a touch of acetone and paper towels.

I plan on adding video after my next project.

Let me know if you have any questions so I can update if I missed anything!

Just finished a new Board, so decided to share the actual creation process!

YouTube Preview Image


And for those who asked for the front tray: